September 5, 2021

Kernstown UMC

Kernstown United Methodist Church stands along the Valley Pike on the south side of Winchester. The congregation has roots dating to 1838 although this building is not that old. 

I did not find additional details about the church's history, but a story from a year ago came up about an embezzlement case. I did find some history of the name Kernstown, which is best known for two Civil War battles that took place in the area. The town was named for Adam Kern, Jr., whose father settled nearby in 1765. 

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  1. Looks like a pretty big church. Gracious, embezzle a church? Someone was pretty sick.

  2. ...a church that I would expect to see in the south.

  3. I attended a small country church throughout my childhood that has a resemblance to that first photo. Thank you for sharing your shadow shot.

  4. Nice church. It looks like a school there too.

  5. i enjoy the evening shadows ... very mysterious. so awesome. ( ;


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