September 8, 2021

Great Blue

The first time I saw this bird today I didn't have my camera. I was on our deck and saw something move in the lake. It was a great blue heron's head and neck, barely visible below the bank. Then up he jumped onto land, a fish in his beak. He paused, swallowed the fish, and went back in the lake. I regretted not having a camera but felt privileged to watch him. 

I don't actually know if he was a male but I am using the pronoun for convenience. 

Later I went out to run a few errands and took my camera along. I was pleased to see him from the other side of the lake. This time I got some pictures. 


  1. And they don't even need to grill the fish!

  2. Great sighting and photos of the Heron! It is a nice visitor. Take care, enjoy your day!

  3. He is a favorite bird of mine. You took great photos!

  4. Beautiful capture of a bird that's worth waiting for. He is so patient, and thus can catch a fish with a quick thrust.

  5. I love great blue herons! Lucky he was still there when you had your camera.

  6. Lovely photographs, he is a good looking bird.

    All the best Jan


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