September 20, 2021

A Sailor's Dream and Patriots' Pride

Monday Murals: This pair of murals is in Montross. They are named The Siren and The Sailor.

Mosaic Monday: These people were part of Patriots' Pride Day in Middletown. They presented programs in costume of the Revolutionary War era as part of an event to honor veterans.  

The young man in the center photo is Middletown's mayor, Charles Harbaugh. 
Technical note: I used the Portrait mode on my iPhone and later combined them using PhotoCollage. My first attempt at downloading the collage confused me because it had the extension clg instead of jpg.  What the heck is that? It turns out to be a collage format, not widely used. Fortunately I was able to try again and save a jpeg to post here. 


  1. Linda - I always admire people that are maintaining our history through authentic dress. And a couple of women, too! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  2. I loved the two murals. I'm quite sure there is a story behind the two murals that has to deal with the mermaid. Lovely collage of the parade attendees. Nice view of history and nice that you were able to figure out your images and get them online for us to enjoy!

  3. The siren mural really looks the part.

  4. ...everyone needs a mermaid.

  5. Middletown seems a history celebrating well as art!

  6. Thanks for letting us know how you made your mosaics. I'm always interested in trying something new. LOVE these murals!

  7. Lovely mural, I like the sailor. Been out of phone/net reception since Tuesday, just got back to civilization... Thanks for participating in Monday murals.


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