August 15, 2021

Yesterday in Shepherdstown

Marie was able to meet us in Shepherdstown and spend the afternoon. Lynn and I drove there together.

Neither of my daughters likes posing for pictures but they agreed to sit on the bench wearing their masks. Perhaps I took too many pictures of them when they were children, because I remember that by the time they were teenagers, they often rolled their eyes when I picked up my camera. 

We had lunch at the Blue Moon Cafe, which offers patio dining. We felt safer eating outside since the Delta variant is spreading, even though we have all been vaccinated. 

It was great seeing them again. I even sneaked in some candid shots.



  1. how nice to meet with your daughters. I always have a mask with me if I should need to use it. Your sneaked in photos are really good. :)
    I absolutely love your B&W shot. A gorgeous atmosphere in it. :)

  2. Love your black and white! Lovely to meet up with your daughters. I met with one of my daughters recently - first time in nearly a year. I see the boys fairly often, but the closest I can get to my eldest is a video call :(

  3. This business of taking pictures has magnified a thousandfold with the arrival of digital cameras.

  4. ...these days it's difficult to know where we are safe.

  5. My younger brother and I are known for mugging for the camera.


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