August 24, 2021

The CCC Camp at Wolf Gap

George Washington National Forest

There is a small campground and picnic area next to the West Virginia line in the mountains that divide the two Virginias.

"Once the site of Civilian Conservation Corps Camp, Wolf Gap F-15" ... this phrase barely tells the story of this site. The camp opened in 1933 as part of Roosevelt's New Deal program to end the suffering of the Great Depression.  A year later it was designated a "colored' camp, meaning it would serve African-Americans. In those days, even government programs were segregated in Virginia. 

According to Shenandoah Stories,  Camp Wolf’s Gap "would provide employment, training, and a home for several hundred African American citizens of Virginia and surrounding states."

The camp today is a small recreation area, primitive by modern standards. There are a few campsites and a picnic area plus access to hiking trails. There hasn't been a water supply there for several years. I think the area deserves a permanent sign about the history and a working water pump or spigot. 

It is between Edinburg and Wardensville and worth driving the winding mountain road to visit in the autumn. 


  1. Dearest Linda
    you always share such wonderful landscapes, I'd love to be there with you!
    May your week be a blessed one
    Xx Daniela at ~ My little old world ~

  2. ...there were a number of CCC camps in this area and we enjoy today the results of this program.

  3. Interesting!
    Have a blessed day!

  4. Linda postagem, adoro as histórias desses lugares e recantos!

  5. That program left behind quite a legacy.


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