July 22, 2021

Signs of Weirdness

I like this sign that I saw at physical therapy.

I’m doing physical therapy again because the doctor referred me after I went in for knee pain. The physical therapist says the actual problem is hip weakness, especially on the right side. That’s probably the result of the foot surgery and occasional limping that I have had since then. She noticed that I am unusually flexible, which others have noticed. ( I can still touch the floor with my palms without bending my knees.) My podiatrist says my loose ankle ligaments caused me to sprain my ankle, leading to the foot injury a few years ago. 

Getting older is tough but I keep trying to alleviate the various ailments. Arthritis pain doesn’t bother me very often these days, at least. 

I went back to the allergist yesterday and they did the food allergy panel.  The results are different from all the other food allergy tests I’ve had over the years, which is not too surprising. That has happened to me before, and many other people report the same thing. Food allergy testing is not highly accurate. It can be useful though, as a guide to likely problem foods. This time the test showed mild allergy to peanuts and beef. The first is not a surprise because I have had problems with peanuts from time to time. 

Beef? Oh no! Plain beef is my go to dish when eating out because it is often the only protein dish they have that comes unadorned without sauce, breading or spice.  Well, the doctor said it is a mild allergy so I can eat it now and then. We shall see.

Medical facilities still require masks in Virginia. It is possible that other places will require them again if the Covid variants become widespread here. I’ve been vaccinated but I am avoiding crowded places. Please be careful.


  1. Love the sign and I hope you hear me applauding you wearing your mask. We have been vaccinated also but I am still wearing mine whenever around people. I am wondering if I can still touch my toes let alone palms to the floor. I am impressed :)

  2. If it's a mild allergy it may be allowable.

    I know I'm weird.

  3. It would do wonders for the planet if everyone stopped eating beef.

  4. In New York, masks are still required in all medical facilities, too, and COVID tests required before any outpatient surgery, whether you are vaccinated or not (husband and I both are, as is our one adult child.) My good friend is also allergic to beef, something that just came on overnight. No, aging certainly isn't fun. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  5. Hello,
    I expect we will all be wearing masks indoors soon. We are not safe with this variant. I like the quote. Take care, have a happy weekend!

  6. Different allergies at different tests says something about the tests too, doesn't it? I hope you stay safe...the most limber person I know! I am proud to be weird, as are most of my friends! Not sure about awesome!

  7. I do like that sign.
    Masks are still advised in all of our medical and healthcare facilities.

    All the best Jan

  8. Masks are still required in all medical facilities here -- including the lobby of my dentist the other day (which I found rather funny because where you have to take the mask off in the actual chair is probably where any covid would linger!) I am thinking masks will be required indoors again soon and I can only imagine the pushback from all the idiots out there. We avoid crowded places also (trying to avoid places where those idiots would be ).


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