June 2, 2021

Traveling Again.

 The June theme for City Daily Photo is “When I can travel again.” 

We have actually taken two road trips since Covid restrictions were eased here. We are fully vaccinated so it didn’t feel risky. Our first trip was to visit family members in Pittsburgh and the second trip was a brief business trip, which was early this week. That was an overnight trip to complete a sale of property that Frank has owned for a long time. I’ll post more pictures in the coming days.

 We ate carry-out food and the people we were in contact with were either fully vaccinated or masked. This is a picture of the hotel lobby.


  1. It's still going to be awhile before travel is doable here.

  2. ...I haven't travelled more that 50 miles.

  3. Made my first road trip two weeks ago.

  4. We haven't travelled far, just locally.

    All the best Jan


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