June 6, 2021

St. John's Church in King George, Virginia

King George is the name of a town as well as a county in eastern Virginia. They were named in colonial times for George I of England. 

Inspired Sunday

This church was built in 1843. It is situated along King's Highway, State Route 3.

A detailed history of St. John's Church is on the Hanover Parish website. During the Civil War, the church closed in 1862 when the pastor resigned. He was from the North and did not choose to serve after the "Protestant Episcopal Church of the Confederate States" was formed.



  1. Lovely looking church with an unusual belltower on the top

  2. A sweet little church...unusual bell tower, as others already said. And I can't figure out what the building is made of...my ability to enlarge on my laptop is limited. I think it is red brick that has once been painted white...

  3. what a pretty church, the brick appears to be lovely!!

  4. An unusual bell tower but I love it.


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