June 3, 2021

A Glimpse of Caledon State Park

On Monday we drove to Virginia's Northern Neck, a region between the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers. Frank had a real estate settlement there on Tuesday and I felt the least stressful plan was to spend the night.

On the way back, I made a detour to visit Caledon State Park. I'd never visited this park and wanted to take a look. It is known as bald eagle habitat, but we did not see any eagles. 

Caledon Plantation was established in 1659. 

I drove to the picnic area where I ate my protein-bar lunch and walked around. Frank had a doughnut left from breakfast.

 Next to the flag pole is a monument to the memory of Percy "Buddy" Fines, one of the founders of an event for disabled veteran hunters. Note the carving of a wild turkey.

Near there is the entrance to the Natural Play Area for children. I walked down the steps to document the features since a play space is being developed at our local park and ideas are welcome. 
Signs 2 / My Corner of the World.
I liked the simplicity of a game on a tree stump. I saw two music-makers: bamboo poles suspended from a rope for percussion, and cowbells on ropes. 

There is a free library but it is closed for the pandemic. 


  1. Linda - how thoughtful of you to collect play area ideas during your outing! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. A good idea to visit the park. Some great ideas to contribute to the play area. Have a happy weekend.

  3. ...what a fun place for all ages!

  4. A mini library in a state park is a great addition. I hope there is a constant exchange of natural history books.

  5. Very pretty place! And great to have the play area for children (and adults)!
    Have a blessed day!

  6. It looks a nice place to visit.
    Play areas like that are usually a big hit with children.

    All the best Jan


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