May 6, 2021

Today's Sign Post

There's always road repair going on in Strasburg. I joke that they should name the downtown area "Roadwork" so the sign would tell you where you are.
Signs / Little Things Thursday

The hardware store often has a humorous sign posted.

I'm skipping around to other towns in this post. I have more signs and comments.

The "Be Yourself" sign is on the wall of an urgent care center. I was there for treatment of a rather nasty tick bite. I discovered it on the back of my upper arm on Saturday, a place that I cannot see and which is normally covered by a shirt. I felt it while soaping off in the shower. 

I had no luck trying to remove it. Frank tried with the tick bite remover but could not get the tick to let go. He then tried to pull it off with tweezers. The main body, which was swollen, came off and then he pulled out some particles. He was not able to get it all, and the area was red and raised. 

I made an appointment on the website for urgent care. Their doctor removed the rest of the tick. Since lyme disease occurs in our state, she prescribed an antibiotic. Ticks also cause other diseases including alpha gal allergy to red meat.

Let's move on to something amusing. Some say there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I found a rainbow that seemed to end in a bank!

Today's final picture shows the post office in Rectortown, a small town in Fauquier County.


  1. nice collection of signs and I love the little post office

  2. Hello,
    Great sign finds. I like the hammer time. The rainbow is beautiful. My hubby has been on antibiotics for Lyme disease, he is still testing positive. Take care, those ticks are nasty. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. yourself is my favorite!

  4. Glad you got treatment rather than Lyme disease. Loved the post office. My genealogy hunts say the Rogers ancestors moved west from Fauquier County. Rainbows are so pretty to find!

  5. Love the be yourself sign. Nice capture of the rainbow, I like it. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I enjoyed your photos again today and liked the signs. That must have been a nasty surprise about the tick. Smart move on going to the doctor, you can never be too careful with those things.


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