May 21, 2021

May is Passing Quickly

How can it be May 21st already? Spring is a beautiful season but it doesn't last long. I need to savor these pretty days!

Well, it's Friday so I'm catching up on some blog hops. Today's pictures are not connected except they are all taken in the Shenandoah region. The first one does not match a theme but it was too strange to pass up. I was driving on a country road enjoying the scenery when I came across this giant gorilla art (?) installation. 

Black and white: I imagine one of my readers will recognize the wheel-like item with chains in the third photo. Do you?

Reflection: The vertical image has a mirror that caught my eye because it reflects the fancy chandelier and also the trees that were behind me.

Floral Friday / Bliss: I don't think I showed you the flowers my daughters sent for Mothers Day. They are in clay pots arranged in a wire rack.



  1. Love the shapes in your black and white! I've no idea what it is, but it looks as if it might spin. Something from a playground, maybe.

  2. I think the B&W is a close up of a Frisbee Golf thing (I don't know the name) where people throw their frisbees between the chains, from quite a distance. I've been impressed to see those who can actually hit the target. That gorilla sculpture thingie is really strange!

  3. Greetings and Salutations! Oh my goodness a gorilla sculpture how different is that. My favorite post today is the second photograph. I am always looking at the sky day and night. Enjoy the week end. Be safe.

  4. A very pretty sky shot. I like the light beams breaking through the clouds!

  5. The chandelier photo is beautiful and your Mother's Day bouquets so colorful!

  6. You never know what unusual things you will see when driving back roads anywhere and the first photo is a perfect example!

  7. Nice reflection and the sky photo is amazing!

  8. Very nice Mothers Day flowers.

    All the best Jan


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