May 9, 2021

Market Street UMC

 Winchester, VA

Inspired Sunday

This United Methodist Church was built in 1853. 

The church website gives us some interesting history. 

"During the years of the Civil War the congregation held together. By 1875 differences were more heated and 3/4ths of the congregation left and joined the new church on Braddock Street. The latter was established in 1858 as a result of a dispute over the seating of students from the Valley Female Institute."


  1. ...not a style that I see in this area.

  2. It's not the architectural style common here either.

  3. Interesting how congregations end up splitting up and forming new ones. Ours was just an outgrowth of a larger one that seemed to need to lessen it's population. When we return to in-church services again we may again have a crowding problem also.

  4. what a beauty. i love it!! happy week for you. ( ;


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