May 2, 2021

Lutheran Church, Greenville Township, Pennsylvania

On our way home from Pittsburgh on Wednesday, we passed this Lutheran Church on Greenville Road. 

This brick church may have been built in 1848. (I say "may" because I have not confirmed that it is the same building as the Lutheran Church mentioned in an online history book.)

I had to check that this is in Pennsylvania and not Maryland, because we were close to the state line.  I was following instructions on my car navigation system, which had surprised me by telling me to leave US 219 and take backroads to reach I-68. I actually passed a sign warning truckers to not follow their GPS by going this way! There was a hairpin turn as the road descended from a mountain. I had no problem with it because my car is not very long.



  1. ...a familiar style here too.

  2. wow, blogger is acting up today ... keep trying to leave a comment but it takes my comment away? i wonder what is going on? have a great week. i enjoy all the arches ... beauty it is!! ( ;

  3. Lovely old church...and yes indeed, mountain roads with hairpin turns do frequently get blocked by some dumb big truck getting stuck on them...then waiting for help.

  4. Very solid, strong looking piece of architecture Linda, it is surviving well 😊 my experiences with Sat Nav haven't always been successful either 😉

  5. I like this style.

    All the best Jan

  6. built more than 150 years ago, and look well maintain.... pretty church.

    great shots

  7. Nice looking church looks new considering it's age


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