April 18, 2021

Stanley UMC

This United Methodist Church was completed in 1918.  It is on Main Street in the town of Stanley, Virginia. 

I'm sharing this with the Inspired Sunday Meme. I have enjoyed seeing church architecture on that blog hop. Unfortunately, participation has waned and Beth and Sally have decided not to continue it after the end of April.  I'll continue to post a church picture occasionally because I appreciate the design and history of these buildings, along with the meaning that they have to the community.


  1. Nice looking church. The linky may well still carry on so don't give up hope yet

  2. Very nice, a place of gathering to worship...hopefully that will happen again in safety sometime soon. Thanks for continuing to post the interesting places you visit.

  3. so pretty. spring is here. we are having rain today. they said a chance for it all week long. i am happy to get some of the green pollen to not be so heavy. makes a sneeze week. lol!! take care, sure hope all is well for ya. Beth ( ;


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