April 25, 2021

John Mann UMC

 Winchester, Virginia

From the Handley Library website::
"Shortly before the Civil War at conference at the Market Street Methodist Church, Winchester, VA, decided to organize a new church for the local black population. The result of that meeting was the John Mann United Methodist Church which opened its doors on July 1, 1857 at 119 East Cork Street, Winchester, and still is in operation today."

There is a cornerstone on the left that is difficult to read but I see the date 1858, which I assume is when the official dedication took place. I also see the words "Rebuilt 1893." 

I see that the Inspired Sunday linkup will continue. Bill of "The Church Explorer" has volunteered to run it. Bill has regularly published detailed photo essays on churches in the UK, some of them very old. Thank you, Bill!


  1. agree with you there. thank u Bill. so cool. hoping to find more churches myself. gotta get out there. happy week for ya. ( ;

  2. I like the steps coming together at the door!


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