April 19, 2021

Clover Hill

A week ago I learned there was a pick-your-own flower farm on Rockland Road so I drove out to take a look.

There's a mural with a bench so people can get a cute photo of the family. 

Tulips were in full bloom. There were even some late-blooming daffodils. 

I bought some tulips and double daffodils.

Mosaic Monday

Clover Hill Farm has a Front Royal address but it is out in the country. 

This barn is across Rockland Road from the flower farm. 


  1. ...Linda, you have should a beautiful mix of spring colors, thanks for shariing.

  2. Wonderful to hear about a pick-your-own flower farm! Glad you brought some posies home. Great to see so many pretty flowers!

  3. Cute container with a country scene.
    Thanks for contributing to Monday Murals Linda.

  4. Linda - what a fabulous find! Enjoy your spring beauty, and thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  5. Great to hear about. I'll try to check it out!

  6. I would love to go there! We have a pick your own sunflower field here that I went to last year. Great pics!

  7. Amei o mural para fotos, me encanta!

  8. I would go there in an instant if I could! Lucky you.

  9. A very nice mural.
    I like your mosaics.

    All the best Jan


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