April 16, 2021

A Week in April

Willy Nilly Friday

It didn't seem like a busy week but I took a lot of picture so I'll summarize my week here.

On Saturday we went to Sperryville, visited a small gallery, and returned via Skyline Drive. The first and second pictures are from Sperryville. 
[Sharing with B&W Weekend -- I thank them for showcasing one of my photos this week.]

On Sunday we met Allison and Dave for lunch in Warrenton. They have now been vaccinated too! 

After lunch I drove through Warrenton and saw the mural that I shared on Monday. This street scene shows the downtown post office from the side. The front view was cluttered by cars.

On Monday I went to Woodstock for a chiropractic appointment. I drove up Hollingsworth Road to see if the state park was open, but it was closed because the river was too high to safely cross the low-water bridges. We've had a surplus of rain lately.

I had my lunchtime snack at nearby Riverview Park. The redbud trees are bright. 

On Tuesday I drove out to Rockland and Boyce. I hope to share the Clover Hill photos later. Here's the front of the former Mt. Airy Market, now called The Farmer's Daughter. 

Bloom Day / Friday Flowers / Friday Bliss

Oh, another pink tree! 

Here's one of our rainy days.

Yesterday I went back to Seven Bends State Park, after calling first to make sure it was open. Construction has begun of the Rivers Way Play Space.

On the way home I stopped to buy groceries and saw a fine sunset when I came out of the store.
Skywatch Friday

Today was stressful. I drove Frank to an appointment and while parking I heard air escaping from a tire. Fortunately AAA sent a service truck right away. The mechanic said it was not repairable so he put the spare on. Later we got a new tire put on.

We had lunch at Cracker Barrel and I spotted this little charmer.

When I got home there was a message from my sister so I called her and we talked a while. 

Have a good weekend! 


  1. Personally I especially like the clouds and the light. Sorry you had a flat

  2. I love your black and white window - beautiful light! Love the little mer-cat, too ;)

  3. ...I see that spring is in the air. The street scene in Warrenton reminds me of Williamsburg. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great sky shot. A flat tire is always a pain! Usually it happens with me in the dead of winter, at twenty below, with a raging wind!

  5. First cat-mermaid I've ever seen! Loved seeing your blossoming trees!

  6. The mer-cat is adorable!
    All the pictures are beautiful. What are those pink trees?
    And what a magnificent sunset!
    Yet I think my favourite picture was the rainy day landscape.

  7. Apart from the tire looks like you had a very nice week. Enjoyable photos as always!

  8. Beautiful signs of Spring, and I like your Black/White photo too!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Sorry to hear about the flat. Thank goodness for AAA. I love those pink trees!

  10. Hello Linda,
    The pink blooming trees are a dream. I love very much your black & white window with sun and shade, Thanks for linking, warm greetings.

  11. Wow ! Beautiful spring blooms, especially loved the hanging petunias . It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to Gardening, Nature and birds here at http://jaipurgardening.blogspot.com/2021/04/garden-affair-nemesia.html


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