April 30, 2021

A Stop at Seven Bends

Map on Car Navigation System
Construction is underway at the Rivers Way Play Space in Seven Bends State Park. I stopped by there in mid-April to take a look. There was a pipe, heavy equipment, recently moved earth, and plenty of mud from recent rains.

On the map above, we see some of the bends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah. As you can see, there are more than seven, but seven is about all you can see at one time if you are looking down from Massanutten Mountain. 

I walked a little way on a trail by the river. The water was high and some branches were touching it, making ripples.

There were bluebells and other wildflowers blooming. When I turned to head back to the parking area, I found I was facing into the wind. That was chilly!


  1. I loved your river photo- happy First of May Linda!

  2. The wildflowers and rivers views are beautiful.
    Have a happy weekend!

  3. ...things look mighty nice in your neck of the woods.

  4. Nice photos, as usual, For the b&w, we can see the end of the tunnel

  5. Thanks for beautiful photos of river and flowers!

  6. Crazy how rivers can look like a serpent. I love that last shot too

  7. Greetings and Salutations! I admire your creative spirit with the pipe image. Great job!

  8. That's seven bends for sure! Beautiful photos. I really like the last one.

  9. Interesting riverscape photos, like the ripples. BLue is my fav colour in flowers and the bluebells look lovely. I am guessing they are wild flowers? It is almost impossible to find flowers in blue here.

    1. Yes, Virginia Blue bells or wildflowers.

  10. Beautiful photos! I love the pipe :)

  11. Beautiful blooms, Blue bells capture is phenomenal. Thanks for joining in Garden Affair.


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