March 7, 2021

White Buildings, Winter Grass.

 The church is Trinity United Church of Christ in Timberville. On the transom window, we see that it was built in 1942 as Trinity Evangelical and Reformed Church. (I lightened up the second photo so you can see the stained glass.) 

There is a cemetery behind the church. 

I also want to share a couple of rural scenes. These are near Mount Jackson.



  1. ...I love the window over the doors, that is common in this area too! Let's hope that the grass greens up soon. Thanks Linda for sharing.

  2. I was impressed by the lack of trees on these hills...though you do see a lot down in the valley. The cemetery looks well cared for. I am always unhappy to see some that are not trimmed at all. Somehow each church needs to remember it's founding members sleeping out there.

  3. Very nice collection of photographs.

    All the best Jan


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