March 5, 2021

This Week in Review

 Willy Nilly Friday

Last Saturday I drove to Herndon to shop and take mural pictures. The town is a mixture of old and new.

Black & White Weekend
I was tired on Sunday and the weather was rainy. Here's an really old picture I copied from a tintype that was in my grandfather's collection. I'm afraid I don't know who these young women are, but possibly Bower sisters or cousins. 

On Monday I had an appointment in Harrisonburg.  It was a return to the dermatologist for a follow-up treatment for sun-damaged spots that she said were pre-cancerous. 

On the way home I left the interstate at New Market to get gas and also drive down the Valley Pike for a little way to enjoy the view. I pulled off on Moreland Gap Road to take a picture. 

I stopped in Woodstock for some carry-out food. Here's the evening view from Cracker Barrel.

Weekend Reflection

On Tuesday, Frank's sister called my cell phone to say that our landline was not ringing. Poor dead phone! Frank spent hours on the phone over the next two days trying to get it fixed. Finally Xfinity got it to ring, at least. 

Wednesday was a beautiful day.  Skyline Drive had re-opened except for the southernmost section, which still had trees down and some icy sections. I drove to Luray on 340 and went up to the Drive. I forgot my Sony camera but took cell phone pictures. 

I couldn't believe my good fortune when a young lady stood in front of a view and posed for me. Well, actually she seemed oblivious of my camera as she saluted the late-day sun with her arms out-stretched. 

On Thursday we ran errands: took trash and recycling to the convenience center, dropped off a large bag of plastic packing bubbles at the postal business center for them to reuse, and returned two items to Walmart and Lowes. We also got carryout burgers at Spelunkers and did a little shopping in small stores.

Friday Bliss / Garden Affair  /  Floral Friday

This morning a technician from Xfinity came to check out our phone line and modem. He noted some wear at the connections outside and ordered some replacement parts. 

I ran a few errands this afternoon The grocery store has some oxalis, or shamrock plants. No doubt someone will buy them for St. Patrick's Day.

Do something lovely this weekend!


  1. Enjoyable series of photos! I like the Herndon one. We used to go there all the time. There was a great Mexican great restaurant that used to grow their own hot peppers out front. I always enjoyed going there.

  2. The modern Druid lady was very obliging in worshipping the sun before your lens!

  3. The old photo of these young ladies is very charming and I love the artistic effect of your flower shot with blue tones. Enjoy the weekend Linda.

  4. ...that little cottage is a show stopper! Thanks Linda for sharing, take care.

  5. Not sure what the blue photo is...something creative I imagine. That woman at the side of mountain with arms spread feels like I would if I'd been driving for miles to finally get that view. Loved the antique ladies.

  6. Lovely post. That old tintype is a treasure!

  7. Beautiful sky photos. I really like the clouds in the first one. And great job catching the lady with the outstretched arms!

  8. Great reflection! I also love the pic of the lady.

    It's funny, I've eaten at several Cracker Barrels in several states but never in my home state.

  9. Beautiful pictures , Thanks for joining in Garden Affair.

  10. That Moreland Gap photo is great. I also love the photo with the lady "posing" for you.


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