March 26, 2021

Spring Comes to Harrisonburg

Willy Nilly Friday

Flowers are finally blooming! 
Floral Friday / Garden Affair / Friday Bliss 

Black and White Weekend: This garden statuary caught my eye in the arboretum.

Weekend Reflections

Harrisonburg is a college town so you are likely to see young people strolling around.

Skywatch: Today was sunny, warm, and mostly clear.

This is the Rockingham County Courthouse on Court Square. 

I saw some young men making music nearby. 



  1. I guess those invincible young people never heard of masks, huh?

  2.'s nice to see color and people outside enjoying the spring weather. Thanks Linda for stopping by.

  3. Nice black and white sculpture, with great texture. I like the two different faces.

  4. The sculpture looks so much like portraits, I shudder to think these were children buried in that cemetery. Nice shots of young people getting out in the sunshine!

  5. Your first collage is full of spring delight! I guess the musicians had it warm in the sun.

  6. Nice to see the flowers blooming and people out and about. Appears things might slowly be returning to "normal" (whatever that is!).

  7. The courthouse is quite impressive.

  8. Harrisonburg looks like a cool town. You can take photos of the young women walking by, I cannot.

  9. Nice shots! I just remembered that I walked around Harrisonburg for about a 1/2 an hour in 2009. Seems like a nice place.

  10. Beautiful blooms, Garden Figurine is awesome. Thanks for joining Garden Affair.


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