March 31, 2021

Geese Good and Bad

Most of the time, I like geese. When I saw this goose at the Kennedy Farm the other day, I did not get close to him. Geese are nesting now and they will attack to protect their eggs.  

 At home, we see geese all the day because we have a view of the community lake. Here some Canada geese are being peaceful.

There are white geese who visit my yard. They are probably descended from farm geese. When they see me putting out bird food, they come to investigate. During the winter I made the mistake of putting "critter food" on the ground to feed the squirrel family that raids my bird feeders. The geese swooped in and ate it, and now they think I should feed them every time I feed the birds. Ducks come too. 

This pair of graylag geese attacked me in my driveway. They must have a nest nearby. One of them bit me! 

Now I park the car close to our house in hopes of avoiding them. And they sometimes tap on our door! I don't know if they want something or perhaps they saw a reflection of geese in the glass. I know cardinals peck on windows sometimes because they think their reflection is a rival.


  1. Oh my, they are hungry geese. I hope you are not hurt from the bite. It is funny they are tapping on your door, ring out that food please. Take care, have a great day!

  2. You are certainly spending your life with geese of late!

  3. Great photos!
    Have a blessed day!

  4. Great photos! Sounds like they get annoyed and pass it on to you!

  5. Nesting birds can be quite territorial.

  6. These farm geese or as you called them Graylag geese are very mean.

  7. Great photographs :)

    All the best Jan

  8. Oh my gosh! Those greylags really feel they’re entitled knocking on your door for food. We had a Robin once (in our former oregon life) who kept beating on one window in our family room, we decided he must have been fighting his reflection. He came back for days! We worried when he stopped coming.

  9. Olá Linda!
    Que gansos bonitos. Tenho um pouco de medo deles, mas acho que será uma questão de respeitar o seu espaço! Lindas fotografias, parabéns!
    Beijos e abraços.
    Sandra C.


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