February 18, 2021

Signs of Love

As you may know, there is a tradition in Virginia of signs that say LOVE. This one is in front of the United Methodist Church in Toms Brook. 
On the other side of the Valley Pike, I noticed another LOVE sign in front of a house. 

In Strasburg, someone at Solarcrate was glad to see the New Year come. (There's a reflection in the image but it is almost lost in the shadow of a building.)

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Here is something I am thankful for: We got our second dose of the vaccine for Covid-19.  They were administered in the athletic building of Shenandoah University. 

Thankful ThursdaySigns, Signs

We'll still wear our masks when in public. Here's a sign on the door to a convenience store.

Here's a sign on a display of books. (Remember books?) February is Black History Month.

I found a cute heart-shaped sign in the Dollar Tree and got it for Valentine's Day. 
Before closing this post, I want to mention that we got several inches of snow last night with a layer of sleet on top of it. The roads were slick and dangerous from the ice so we stayed home. Here's a picture of our shed today. Yes, I've got a barn quilt mounted on it.


  1. Nice love signs Linda. Well you're now protected hopefully. In Perth the vaccinations will start Monday with vaccinations to people in nursing homes and frontline medical staff.

  2. ...Linda, you find some lovely LOVE signs. We are scheduled to receive our second spot in two weeks.

  3. My wife will approve of that barn quilt!

  4. I'm glad you're vaccinated. UHU! Down here, our president doesn't care very much

  5. A great group of signs!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Stay safe and warm in your cold weather! Love the Love! And all the sign collection. Glad you got the vaccine, we are still waiting.

  7. I like those LOVE signs. We need more love in the world! Glad to hear that you received your 2nd dose of the vaccine. Thanks for linking up and stay warm.

  8. I got my second shot also. I was okay until the next day after I reshoveled the driveway. I suddenly felt that I was coming down with the flu, so I laid down for a long time. The next day I was fine.
    I had no idea the Love signs in Virginia. I love that concept.


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