February 20, 2021

Cold Days are for the Birds

We still have snow on the ground and temperatures tonight are well below freezing. During the day they crept up over the freezing point and we had a little bit of thawing.

Snow gives pictures a simpler look that can be elegant. It can fool the camera's controls though. Some of my cell phone pictures have a blue cast. I decided to brighten this first shot and make it black and white.

Saturday Critters / I'd Rather Be Birdin'
Sometimes "happy little accidents" make fun pictures. This sparrow was perched on a branch when I pressed the button.

I found Renard sitting in the snow. He's the fox statue that we brought back from the house we sold in Bryce Resort. 

Our back yard is covered with tracks of geese and ducks. Here I found some wing marks. I guess he took flight. 

Just outside our neighborhood I saw a different kind of tracks.

Since I mentioned geese and ducks, allow me to switch back to a "real" camera for two photos of them. The geese are marching across my yard.

The duck was eating under a bird feeder. I believe it is a muscovy hybrid.  


  1. A beautiful series of photos in all colors!

  2. Hello,
    Lovely series, I like the shot of the geese marching across the yard. Pretty capture of the sparrow in flight. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great day! I wish you a happy new week ahead! PS, thank you for the comment.

  3. Great! Love 'em all each and every photo. BUT I have a favorite, naturally. And, that is the marching ducks!Enjoy your week ahead, and thanks for taking time to link in.

  4. I love "happy little accidents". It creates often photos you remember :) My second favorite today is the march in the snow.
    take care!

  5. We too have lots of snow and the birds eagerly flock to the feeders at first light. I am glad they choose our backyard for breakfast!

  6. Lovely series, and that sparrow is a perfect shot ;) Your black and white id very attractive.

  7. ...we have had a lot of them.

  8. Wonderful shots...I love the sparrow taking off "accidental" and the one of footprints suddenly stopping with the wing prints, but I admit I wouldn't have recognized the fox without your telling me who it was.

  9. We love them all, especially the marching geese, the "happy accident" and the black and white one.

  10. Some great photos, I love those bird tracks!

  11. Excellent shots! I love the geese following in the line. The bird tracks tell you that you have some visitors. :)

  12. The geese and duck are good company to have around.

  13. What a fabulous series of photographs here ... lovely.

    All the best Jan


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