February 14, 2021

A Large Church in a Small Town

Inspired Sunday: This is the Timberville Church of the Brethren. It is on a hill on Church Street, in the town of Timberville, Rockingham County, Virginia. I was not able to far enough back to get a picture of the whole building without slanting the camera. 

One of the transom windows has the date 1929.

Let us cross the nearby county line into Shenandoah County and head in the direction of Edinburg. 

Indian Fort Stock Farm is a landmark on Middle Road. Here we see fences for the livestock running downhill from the big white barn.

The name Indian Fort dates back to a house that once stood on the property. In 1758 it was owned by George Painter, who was killed by Indians during the French and Indian War. Back then, this region was the "frontier."

The Barn Collective.



  1. I like how it sits there in the hill.

  2. ...I've always enjoyed barns that have the name of the farm in them. This is a nice one, thanks Linda for sharing.

  3. It's hard to imagine what the frontiersmen and women had had to deal with...but they were among our ancestors!

  4. Unusual looking church with small twoer

  5. I had to look up what church of the brethren was about. Now it makes sense.


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