January 21, 2021

There's Frustration but There's also Beauty.

First things first...

I couldn't let that go by! Something else I couldn't let go by was a chance to sign up for a Covid vaccine. Yesterday I learned that our health district would announce appointment slots at noon today. I was on their site at 11:59 and refreshed my browser at noon. There were slots available at two locations. My priority was to get an appointment for Frank, since he is older than me and also has diabetes. 

The nearest location available was at Shenandoah University so I filled out three pages of forms for Frank. I had done this same thing the other day but missed a slot while filling out insurance details, so this time I only filled out the fields marked with an asterisk, which were required in order to advance to the end. When I submitted the form I got a list of appointment times. All were full! 

I quickly chose a location in Luray, farther away but apparently still available. The software had remembered all data except the last page, which was checkboxes and a place to type his name. I did that and submitted. Drat! All those slots were gone too. It was only six minutes past noon. 

Tomorrow I will try again. I don't think it's possible to get appointments for both of us on the same day. Frustrating. If these were concert tickets, there'd be scalpers.

Oh, well. The sun was shining so I did some chores and then drove up to Seven Bends State Park to take pictures and walk along the river. 

Signs and Thankful Thursday.

I walked past the white barn that was once a pony barn back when this area was a youth camp. The Gokotta Trail goes along the North Fork of the Shenandoah. I did not explore very far because it was late in the day and I wanted to be back on the main road before dark.

Thank goodness for our parks and the beauty of nature! 

I'm including a picture of a trash can because it is a bear-proof style that we see in the parks here. In order to open it, you have to fit your fingers in a metal tunnel in order to grasp the release. Bear paws won't fit in there. 


  1. ...this vaccine rollout is a mess.

  2. We both had our first Moderna vaccine three weeks ago. I must have called the reservation number 200+ times and always got either a busy or message from the cell phone provider that the line was not available. After about 2 hours of near-continuous dialing I suddenly got a ring and human answered who ptt me on hold . On hold for 35 minutes and almost gave up when a pleasant reservationist gave us appointments about an hour apart for the next day. We arrived together and were admitted together and got our shots a few minutes before my earlier appointment, and also appointments for our second doses. Persistence paid off. Our provider is Cleveland Clinic Florida.

  3. Good luck with getting the vaccine. I hope you can find a place that has some open appointment times.

  4. In the Netherlands here, they are unfortunately way too far behind and I still haven't heard anything about when it will be my and my husband's turn and not at all what kind of vaccine we will receive. I think it is really a mess compared to other countries. But time will tell. I am now like the squirrel and wait in den for what is to come.

  5. Lindíssimas fotos !
    Um ótimo final de semana para você...

  6. The pleasant walk you had perhaps acted as a minor compensation for the disappointment over the vaccine. There appears to be no easy path to getting a shot and there seems to be more frustration than satisfaction.

  7. The last photo is my favorite!

  8. This vaccine distribution is crazy. I will miss getting my teacher vaccine next week due to the fact I had covid over Christmas and my doctor says to wait three months after infection before getting the vaccine. I have a feeling getting one on my own is going to be tough. Thanks for linking up and stay well.

  9. Thanks for the comments. We finally got our vaccinations on January 27. In three weeks we'll be notified to get the second dose.


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