December 2, 2020

Blue Wednesday

 It's Wild Bird Wednesday and the bird pictures I took today was disappointing, so here is a blue jay from my archives. 

I've been distracted today because my older daughter had a positive Covid test. This photo is from a decade ago. 

Her symptoms started with indigestion on her birthday, but progressed to an ear ache and sore throat. She hasn't had a problem breathing so far so we are hopeful that she has a mild case. She's taking the supplements and Pepcid that experts are recommending. She's quarantining, of course, but she was already staying home most of the time. The disease is so contagious! 

We did not get together on Thanksgiving and hoped to do so as soon as travel was safer. But rates are still going up, unfortunately. 

Please be careful. Keep wearing a mask and social distancing. Sometimes even that is not enough. 


  1. The bird on my post is a called a Shag and although very similar to a Cormorant, it is not one. We also have Cormorants.

  2. Olá, bom dia! Passando para te desejar saúde, paz, e muita alegria!

  3. Hello,
    Sending prayers and well wishes for your daughter. I hope she recovers quickly. Love the Blue Jay! Take care, have a happy day!

  4. Sorry to read about your daughter,Linda, and hope she recovers with no need for hospitalization. You are so right that people who take necessary precautions are also being affected.

  5. ...Jays are pretty and noisey.

  6. Hope your daughter gets well with few side effects from the virus. I ended up just having a cold apparently...though I've been masked everywhere I do go...some grocery shopping the week before T-day...and everyone else seemed masked too. These little germs are so tiny, and opportunistic!

  7. You may remember me from before, but those Jays are always noisy, but very colorful. They make lot's of noise in the morning.

  8. Hi, I did see the Blue Jay in Costa Rica. A beautiful bird.

  9. Lovely photographs of the Blue Jay.

    I am sorry to read about your daughter, hope she gets well and recovers soon.

    All the best Jan


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