December 20, 2020

As Autumn Ends, Some Page County Pictures.

Tomorrow is the first day of winter, but we've had some wintry weather already. I'm taking a break from the snow and showing some earlier photos.

Much of Page County is rural, with winding roads and charming farms.

 Luray United Methodist Church is on Main Street in the center of Luray, the county seat. It is built of cut stone, probably limestone. 


  1. Nice looking church very similar to what you would see over here. Have a great Christmas

  2. i know we are all ready for 2020 to be over, i hope that 2021 will improve so much for us all ... u r a great capture-er (is that a word? any who) of happy views. thanks for always sharing. i have enjoyed!! take care. Merry Christmas and a happy rest of our 2020. i know i have learned much. LOL!! ( ;

  3. ...Linda you found some bright red for Christmas. The barn and the red door on the church pop. Thanks for sharing and enjoy these last few days before Christmas.

  4. Happy Solstice and may you continue to have good health and drive around taking your marvelous photos!


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