December 25, 2020

A Very Quiet Christmas

We did not have any visitors for Christmas. We did not go outside, except for feeding birds and turning on holiday lights. It was a very cold day.

Blog Post 7380: Willy Nilly Friday.
Behind the giant snowflake decoration is the night sky with a sliver of light left by the setting sun. 

I really missed seeing my daughters. I did exchange emails with Marie, and Lynn called on the phone. Her voice sounded better than the last time we spoke, another sign that she is recovering from Covid. 

The black and white snapshot of them is from last Christmas. I enjoy the way they joke with each other.

Below we see blossoms from my Christmas cactus, which actually bloomed on schedule. 

The snowy scene is from a week ago. I took this through a window and the red orbs are reflections on the glass.

 Our mail and delivery services were overwhelmed this year because so many people canceled their usual holiday visits plus many of us did most of our shopping online because of the pandemic. Some gifts haven't arrived yet. All I've gotten so far is a gift card from Frank's youngest daughter and a framed picture from Frank, which I picked out. This is a quilted landscape by my friend Ann Heap

I hope your day was pleasant. Stay safe and make the most of what little bit is left of 2020.


  1. I love that Frank bought you this. Merry Christmas, my friend.

  2. Hello,
    The framed quilt looks beautiful, it is a lovely gift. We had a very quiet Christmas here, my son has also tested positive for Covid. Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  3. What a fun black and white photo! It's hard not seeing family, but it's great to know your daughter is recovering.
    (Thanks for your comment on mine - I love "string bling")

  4. ...we had a quiet Christmas too, but while driving around to deliver gifts on Christmas gifts we were amazed by drives fill with care. The Trump plague will NEVER end! Happy New Year.

  5. We had a quiet Christmas as well. We are going hiking today.

  6. Love the framed quilt picture! I'm waiting for some medical supplies, out there jammed up somewhere in the plethora of packages...but I'm not in dire need of these at least. Hope you have more fun to come, and continued good health.

  7. I am happy your daughter is recovering from Covid, that is a great christmas gift for sure.
    Love the Snowflake, looks gorgeous!
    Take care!

  8. Such a special and lovely gift. We are glad Lynn is continuing to recover from Covid. Our Christmas was quiet, too. Just us here, and spoke with family on the phone and on Zoom. Wishing you a great new year.

  9. Stunning blooms of Christmas cactus.Thanks for joining in Garden Affair. Keep joining in Garden Affair.


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