November 15, 2020

Wide Views from Blue Mountain

Linden, Virginia

Blue Mountain is known for a monastery, a winery, a wildlife management area, and several rural communities. Here we see St. Dominic's Monastery
There is also a winery on the mountain with lovely views.


  1. Hello Linda
    Beautiful autumn landscapes. I am delighted with them.
    A healthy, happy week and days beyond.

  2. Thy winery would be ny pick for a visit.

  3. ...beautiful scenes of the season.

  4. Hello,

    Looks like a beautiful area, lovely views. The first photo is my favorite. Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy new week!

  5. Hey, thats an amazing view omg
    I loved the post and already followed your blog!
    I want invite you to visit and follow mine back if you want! <3

  6. So pretty ... is the winery open for visitors? That was something we enjoyed doing and hope to again someday .. I guess when the vaccine is available.


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