November 13, 2020

Western Winchester, Color and Light.

Here we visit the pond at Winchester Medical Center and the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. Both can be found just off Amherst Street.

Frank had an appointment near there this week and since it was a pretty autumn day, I parked in the Medical Center parking lot and took a few pictures around the pond. 

About then years ago, I photographed some icy scenes here. Normally I would not have driven there on an icy day, but I had a half-day hydrogen breath test scheduled (for a digestive condition) and I did not want to miss it. (The test was positive but the treatment did not work. C'est la vie!)

The black and white scene shows part of the fountain that helps aerate the pond. 

Skywatch: Our skies this week alternated between cloudless and very rainy. I think this one looks more interesting in the reflection than it does as plain blue. 

Since it's Willy Nilly Friday, let's go down the street for a little variety. We're members of the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley and I like to go on days when it isn't crowded. 

Next to the museum is Glen Burnie with its beautiful gardens. I've shown them before. Here I'm going back a month to show some late-summer flowers. 

The bamboo grove is open for the first time this year.  

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  1. ...Linda, you got this post off to a firey start. It's nice to look back at the flowers of summer. Take care and stay well.

  2. Hello, Linda
    Wow, the trees in the first two photos are gorgeous. I like the pond and the flowers. The bamboo grove looks pretty. I have had to have that test too, the treatment did not work for me either. Take care,stay safe. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Beautiful photos! Sorry about appointment, hope you can get things straightened out.

  4. Very nice photos...I love the first, and the garden entrance gate is a sweet ending!

  5. I love the first photo too, beautiful colours.
    Happy weekend to you, Linda.

  6. Beautiful fall colors. I like the bamboo grove!

  7. Wow ! Stunning shots .Thanks for linking up with Garden Affair.

  8. Oh how fantastic autumn red! And your black & white water photo is splendis. Wishing a lovely new week.

  9. Beautiful Blooms ..It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to Gardening here at

  10. Such lovely colours!
    Gorgeous glitters in your black and white.


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