November 21, 2020

Front Yard Updates

Featuring Pigs and a Tree Removal.
Last month I showed some wandering pigs who trespassed in our yard. This is a follow up to that story. Here we see two pictures from a trail camera that was mounted in a tree facing our driveway.

This is the animal control officer leaving after she took the report and promised to notify the farmer that his pigs were loose. By that time the pigs had disappeared.

Twenty minutes later the camera recorded this! The piggies had returned. 

I haven't seen them since then so I assume the farmer rounded them up. 

Normally that camera just got pictures of us and delivery people, but sometimes it caught an animal or bird. It's motion-activated but there's a slight delay so it can miss the subject. 

The geese move slowly so there were many geese pictures to review. 
A few weeks ago the camera stopped working. I changed the batteries but it still didn't work. Then a huge part of the tree fell down in a wind storm, so I removed the camera. Frank started getting estimates on tree removal. 

They came on Thursday and cut down the tree. It was a large maple. 

Here is the young landscaper in charge of removing the tree. Notice the size of the trunk beside him. 
Hunter Housden with Renard, our fox statue.

Renard came with the house we lived in before we moved here. 

Sharing this post with Saturday's Critters.


  1. Hello,
    I love the escaped piggies, they are so cute. The geese are pretty. I am sorry your camera stopped working. Your fox statue and the squirrel are cute. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care,stay safe! Have a happy day and a great new week! PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  2. I love piggies, very good of you to camera. But, chopping down the tree, Maple, it had more of life, poor tree!!!!!!

    1. Half of the tree broke off and the other half was standing but looked ready to fall down. A home inspector had advised us 10 years ago that we should have it taken down because maple roots get into the septic system. Roots had gotten under the sidewalk and heaved it up. It was a problem even before it cracked.

  3. You do have interesting events at your house! I suspect that few of us have had pigs wandering around the lawn and chowing down on the grass. Thank goodness they didn't start to make wallows! Too bad about the maple. Looks like it still had some life in it.

  4. I always am sad when a tree has to be taken down...thinking of its years of producing shade and leaves. Sorry your camera bit the dust. It did its duty in capturing the pigs at least...on film, as we used to say.

  5. Pigs are smart! They know when to hide!
    Have a blessed day!

  6. That surely was a huge tree! Pigs can be very adventurous.

  7. Sorry you lost your tree, and your camera. Enjoyed the photos.

  8. I enjoyed seeing these photographs, especially the pigs :)

    All the best Jan


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