October 16, 2020

A Seven Bends Assortment

Seven Bends State Park

1. Here's the LOVE sign in black and white. The state of Virginia has a tourism slogan "Virginia is for Lovers," so you can see variations on this sign throughout the state. 

2. I taken many photos at the park so I combined some into collages using the FotoJet site and Photoshop. (I'm afraid this looks "busy" in this small version so click on it to see the scenes more clearly.) 

3. The park offers good views of the sky.

Sharing with Skywatch

4. North Fork of the Shenandoah with reflections, seen from the Bass Bight Trail. (A bight is a cove in the river. I wouldn't be surprised if the bass bite in the bight!)

5. One more collage. 

Named for the bends in the Shenandoah River, Seven Bends State Park is on the east side of Woodstock. It offers river access, picnic tables, and hiking trails. It is a new park and more features will come in the future, including a rustic-themed playground.



  1. Hello,
    Pretty views of the park and sky! Lovely photos.
    Have a great day, happy weekend.

  2. ...I found a LOVE sign yesterday too. Thanks Linda, have a lovely weekend.

  3. Great shots! My favorite is the love sign :)

  4. The LOVE sign looks pretty solid. Nicely arranged, too.

  5. Oh my gosh I love the way you've done the collages Linda, have not seen it done that way before..so cool ✨

  6. I loved your collages! I have sometimes used Fotojet, but forgotten it alltogether.


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