September 24, 2020

At the County Human Services Building.

Our county government workers are carrying out essential services. Here's a banner thanking the heroes who are working here. County offices in Virginia were not open to the public during the first phase of the pandemic but are available again, with safety measures in place including mask requirements and plexiglass partitions.   

Thankful / Little Things Thursday / Signs 

The Office of Elections moved to this building on April 1st. We have early in-person voting this year in order to reduce crowding, since that would be risky during a pandemic. 
I voted today!
Blog Post 7280. I am adjusting to the new Blogger interface. It introduced major changes for the first time since 2012. (I recall that my ability to blog from my iPad basically ended then. Now I can do so again, but moving images around is a struggle.)

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  1. Hello,

    Yes, I agree the essential workers are all heroes. Our early voting starts Oct 29th, I wish they gave us more time. Have a great day and a happy weekend!

  2. ...neat that you have voted already, we have ordered our mail in ballots. I'm still getting use to this new Blogger. Thanks Linda for stopping by.

  3. wish I could vote early like you - stay safe and happy!

  4. Great that you got your in already. The essential workers are definitely heroes, where would we be without them. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Congratulations to Virginia for moving up their early voting. I wish New York would do that (allow more time). We only have had early voting for a year and they only give us a week before the election for the early voting. And only three places for early voting in our county of almost 200,000 people. But I can see why - we have a large elderly population and many of the poll workers are elderly. Alana

  6. Essential workers really are heroes.

    All the best Jan

  7. Essential workers are heroes. I have been using the new blogger interface and have logged a couple of complaints. *sigh* Just progress I guess. I need to get used to it. Thanks for linking up and stay well.


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