August 27, 2020

Millwood Post Office and the Clark House

There was no art show in Millwood this year so I haven't been there since last fall. Since I am documenting post offices in my part of Virginia and I happened to be in Clarke County yesterday, I drove to Millwood yesterday to take some pictures.


I support our postal workers.

Across from the post office is the historic Clark House (sometimes spelled Clarke, and sometimes referred to as a tavern or hotel.) This building is privately owned, but is known as the place where John Singleton Mosby almost surrendered at the end of the Civil War. While he was in discussions with officers of the U.S. Army, a young ranger came in with a rumor that a thousand Yankees were waiting in the woods to capture them! Mosby promptly left and never did surrender, but disbanded his troops the next day in Salem (now Marshall).
At the edge of the post office parking lot is a book exchange box. Someone has made voting information available there.

The state historical marker (above) says, "After the Civil War, Millwood included a community of freed blacks with a school and several churches." Some of their descendants are still in the area.

"Black Lives Matter." Of course they do. It seems obvious, but then we read the news and realize some people seem to think they don't. It is heart-breaking what people do to each other.
Signs, Signs and Fences Around the World.
I had a history teacher in high school who said that much of history is about man's inhumanity to man. That never seems to end.

For more on the story about Mosby in Millwood, check out See It Save It.


  1. Seems a lovely area with lovely houses and good fences. Have a great weekend

  2. ...I remember seeing the Clark house and sign, but I don't believe that I saw the post office. Millwood was one of those special little places that I just seemed to stumbled upon. Thanks Linda for the memories.

  3. I have always regretted that I didn't start taking photos of all the little post offices I've seen on my travels around the USA. Without them an entire community could disappear...what in the world are they thinking...

  4. Nice post office, I like that someone placed voting info in the free library. A good reminder to get out and vote.

  5. Very interesting!
    Have a great weekend!


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