August 3, 2020

Charm Random-osity

The Good: We were in Leesburg yesterday so I searched out a mural. "Discover Charm" turned out to be facing a parking lot on Liberty Street. It was created by graphic design agency Sagetopia in 2017.

The Random: Some cute birds are nesting in a little house on our deck. They are shy little wrens but if I sit still I can get a picture.

Mosaic Monday.

The Fun: Lynn has a cute mask that made me laugh! We met for lunch on Friday, staying the recommended six feet apart.

It feels odd having to stay that far from my daughter but at least I got to see her. My other daughter is too far away right now, and so is my sister. I wonder when travel will feel safe again.


  1. That's a nice little bird!

    be well... mae at

  2. haahahah, I love that mask. Your friend has wonderful sweet humor. :-)

  3. Cute mask. I made ours out of white cloth so they are pretty boring, but as safe as you can get with a non-surgical mask. We had Barn Swallows at our cabin just fledge. They decided to nest under our front porch while we were away and decided to let them be. - Margy

  4. Linda - I don't know how you do it - mural after mural after mural! This one is so detailed. Amazing. I love the mask - we do have to try and keep our sense of humor or we might just go crazy! Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday!

  5. 😊 OMG that mask is so cute. Thanks for your photo share. Have a good week. I am at #20 on the linky


  6. Love the mask!
    And those arena are so sweet!
    Thanks for linking up with us this week at IRBB

  7. Hello,

    I love that mask, so cute. The Wren is adorable, but they can be so fussy. The mural is great. You have discovered charm. Have a happy day!

  8. ...let's all discover charm!

  9. Lovely mural Linda. So cute that you managed to photograph the wrens.
    Cute mask :)

  10. I love murals and you found a great one. I am not traveling until we have a safe and effective vaccine.

  11. Love the "charm" and looks like your daughter has a great sense of humor with that mask. Happy lunch visiting with family.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  12. love the swinging birdhouse for the wrens! Such a great idea. One is proud when they allow you to watch :)

  13. Love the baby birds ..I watch my daughters bird houses while chatting with her at six feet apart... it *does* feel odd for sure. None of us have even gone to a restaurant yet. It seems like too much trouble to wear the mask before eating and after. Maybe I need to get a cute mask like your daughters, so at least it would bring a smile. Ours are the plain white two-strap ugly variety but they work and of course we wear them .

  14. The wrens look cute don't they.

    I do like that mask, so pleased you got to spend time with Lynn.

    All the best Jan


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