August 23, 2020

A Stop in Downtown Mathias

In Hardy County, West Virginia.

Mathias in an unincorporated town along Lost River. I was surprised to find a large church in such a small town. This is the Mathias Church of the Brethren.

It was nice to see a summary of the church history on a cornerstone. It was first built in 1844. A separate plaque shows that the latest addition was made in 2006.

I'm including a shot of my car's map display in case you want to see where I was. One time some years ago we drove into Mathias from over Great North Mountain via Upper Cove Road, which is Crooked Run Road on the Virginia side. I remember that the road was very rough for a couple miles after we crossed in West Virginia, so I never went that way again for fear of losing my muffler.

While in Mathias, I also stopped to photograph the post office. I'm documenting post offices in honor of our postal workers, who do a remarkable job.


  1. The old brick buildings are so wonderful! We don't have them here in CA.


  2. Hello,
    The church is pretty, I like the cute little post office. I am thankful for our postal workers, I hope they are not being bullied. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great week!

  3. Wonderful historic church (well, that the congregation has continued in different buildings through the years!) Lost River could definitely be appropriate name.


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