July 31, 2020

The Final Willy Nilly Friday

Tom is discontinuing the Willy Nilly linkup, so I'm not sure what my Fridays will look like here. Well, let's get started with today's post.

1. Skywatch and Fences: This scene was this afternoon shortly after the rain left. The location is New Market along the Valley Pike. In the distance we see the 54th Pennsylvania Monument. 

Civil War monuments have become controversial lately, and some of them are clearly out-of-place or inappropriate for various reasons. This one is correctly placed in regards to an actual event, and does not represent an enslaver, so it is not a symbol of racism. The only criticism I can see is that it is elevated on a high pedestal as though it might be an object of worship. There are still churches that teach that "graven images" are forbidden in the Ten Commandments, which is technically correct. Still, I'm fond of this one, although if this battlefield were as littered with statues as are Gettysburg and Antietam, I would not like it much. 

2. Black and White: Same place, different view. I was attracted to the angles and rhythms of the split rail fence.

3. Floral Friday / Friday Bliss: Many of our plants are looking wilted but we watered the potted plants on the deck so they are mostly surviving. 

July was hotter than usual but I read that it was 125° F  in Baghdad this week, so I cannot complain. Now a hurricane is threatening eastern Florida so we could get a storm in a few days.

4. The red daylilies aren't in my yard. I saw them in Winchester a few weeks ago. 

5. Weekend Reflection: These people had just launched their boat at Sleeter Lake near Round Hill. 

6. I learned that I can search a webpage for a word on my iPad, since CTRL+F isn't available there. A search option is under the Share choices. Apparently this works on iPhones too, but I rarely use my phone for research that’s any heavier than asking Siri a question.

Have a good weekend! 


  1. I like the fence, haven't seen such fence here. Beautiful flowers. Nice to go boating when the weather is fine and cool. Have a great weekend.

  2. This is a great BW photo of this fence and beautiful from the boat and the reflection. The beautiful flower photos. I wish you a nice weekend take care of yourself, hugs Elke

  3. Battlefields are an appropriate place for such statues.

  4. ...the first one is a winner, the statue in the distance framed by the fence is wonderful. It has been hot and dry here too, a hurricane hopefully will bright rain here too.

  5. I like the first & the last photos as much. They are so beautiful. Southern Finland has got plenty of rain lately, no need to water. Next week is going to be sunny, of which I am happy about.

  6. Great series, I love the fence line, the reflections and the pretty flowers. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  7. I have absolutely no problem with monuments on Civil War battlefield. They are placed there to honor valiant dead on both sides and honor history. Your area has so much of that history, too. Enjoyed both the vinca and the day lilies. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  8. Pretty flowers!
    One of the things I really enjoy at Civil War Battlefields are the split rail fences. And we go to Shiloh for the wildlife and views of the Tennessee River more than for the history.
    I heard a Bible teacher the other day say that tearing down statues is to have places to mount the idols and images of the beast that people will worship in the End Times. Could be true.
    Have a blessed day!

  9. Beautiful fence! We don't see them like that here. It looks very complicated.

  10. your photos are lovely. Greetings from Europe

  11. Wow, the perspective the photos you took of the fence lines are great. Yikes, that 125 degrees in Baghdad makes it seem downright cool here. ;)

  12. Like others, I have not see a fence like that before. I like the angle and the perspective in your photo. Summer is hard on plants. They will perk back with a bit of rain and cool weather.


  13. I like split rail fences. Pretty shot of the lake.


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