July 27, 2020

Late July Random-osity

The Good: I found another mural with the help of the Page Valley Arts Council website. The store they mentioned has closed but I had an idea of where it used to be. This is View of the Valley from a Backyard Flower Garden by Merle Hilscher.  This is the artist who also painted Picnic Time at Ruffner Plaza.

The picket fence is painted on. I was not able to get a less-angled view without trespassing.

The Random: Here are some flowers and trees at the Shenandoah County Park. I was looking for butterflies but only found a white one to pose for me.

The Fun:  We had a socially distanced picnic on Friday with the same folks we met with on Thursday. Susan and family were only in town for a few days. Allison and David drove in from Manassas. We met at the same park in Front Royal because it has picnic shelters to shade us from the sun. This was fortunate because it rained both times we were there, although only briefly.

Note: Don't hesitate to pose family or friends for a photo. You'll be glad later!

See also 2011 post of Frank with Ryley and Josie. They have grown up since then!

By the way, happy birthday to Dave!


  1. ...the mural goes on and on!

  2. Very pretty mural Linda. That picket fence looks quite real.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals.

  3. lovely picnic and fine wall art. :)

  4. Hello, love the family photos. The mural is beautiful. Have a great day and happy week ahead!

  5. You're right - you never know when you will love someone you love - take a photo now

  6. Oh I love the picket fence and Happy Birthday Dave
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  7. Belo dia de pic-nic
    fotos são lembranças boas! bj

  8. Linda - so glad you got some social time! It feels so special, doesn't it? That mural was quite the undertaking. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  9. I do like that mural, and your family photographs.

    All the best Jan

  10. What an incredible mural, Linda. I am in awe. And I'd rather see it from the side than you get picked up for trespassing.

    Looks like great family photos and beautiful flowers, too.

  11. The mural is wonderful ... a perfect subject perfectly placed. Very cool you got to visit with your family friends. I agree with you about posing pictures, but unfortunately hardly any of my potential subjects agree. It’s like herding cats to get anybody to pose. (Except for the great-grandsons whose whole life seems to be documented on Insta or FB.)

  12. I'm impressed that the fence is painted. I thought it was real. :-)

  13. The mural is lovely. It's nice that you got to visit at the park even if it rained.


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