July 13, 2020

Berkeley Springs Random-osity

The Good: This colorful mural in Berkeley Springs is completed. It has been a while since I saw it under construction

Monday Murals.
The Random: Nearby Cacapon Resort State Park offers a variety of things to enjoy.

Some of the log structures date back to the CCC days. I remember they were there when I was a child.
Mosaic Monday.
The Fun: These folks were enjoying some time on the main lake.

A note about the name Cacapon: It is a river in West Virginia that takes its name from a Native American word said to mean "medicine waters."  The town of Berkeley Springs is known for its warm springs and mineral water.

See last summer's post on Cacapon Overlook


  1. Luv your round spot mosaic. I am #18 on the linky. Stay safe


  2. Nice mural and the deer is of course so sweet :)
    Thanks for participating Linda

  3. I just found the bear on the mural...nice!

  4. Bonito reportaje, y bonitas fotos,

  5. That's a pretty and eye-catching mural. I like the photo of the deer too.

  6. I can see your mosaic gracing a brochure about the park. The log buildings look like they could last for almost eternity, if not. CCC built trails, a dam, and other things in the Pinnacles National Park that's in our county. Creating a similar federal and/or state CCC programs might be a good idea for now.

  7. The mural really is colourful.

    All the best Jan

  8. It's really beautiful. I wonder if I'll ever come across it in person.

  9. I guess the CCC was very much involved in your area. I saw some documentation about their role in building the road and structures in Shenandoah NP. A very interesting history.

    be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.co

  10. Linda - I was in town today, and with a few spare minutes on my hands, I sat by the river. The water looked so refreshing; the ducks were certainly enjoying it. I enjoyed your summer photos - we should continue to enjoy it while we can! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  11. I was completely taken by the fact you were NOT the last person to post this week (grin), that I nearly missed the birds, the bear, and the flag because I was focusing on those feathers. SO much to see in this mural, Linda.

    Like everyone, that deer is beautiful.

  12. I always enjoy your post of Mosaic Monday and the murals you share.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On parade

  13. I love the mosaic! Wish I was somewhere like that on vacation! I shouldn't complain because I love living here but we are all ready to get away to somewhere different! Enjoy your week!


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