June 25, 2020

Signs, Masks, and Bumper Stickers

Schools are saying "We miss you!"
In Winchester.
In Strasburg.
That elementary school in Strasburg has a great view of Signal Knob. 

Signs 2: Bumper Stickers.

"I Saw That." ~Karma.  

Mask Rules.

Face Coverings are required...
The blue banner is at Walmart. Some people ignore it. I refuse to go in there, but Frank has braved it a few times.

You don't have a choice!

A local store reminds customers that there is a directive from the governor that you need to wear a mask inside public places. Yet many people want to argue about this. (Shaking my head.)

A friend from Walla Walla made a meme...

I got a couple of face shields and sported one today. I wore it to pick up an order at the hardware store and then wore it through the grocery store. I hope to reach some of the people who find a cloth mask too hot or too hard to breathe through and show them an alternative. A clerk at the store asked me where I got it. (Amazon.)

This final shot shows a gate in our community that restricts access to an area by the river. There's a little story behind this.

Someone lost the padlock. Since Frank is on a committee, the president of the Property Owners Association asked him to get a new padlock. That would normally mean getting a hundred new keys made so each family would have one. I had the idea of getting a re-keyable padlock and keying it to our existing key. Yesterday we went to Ramsey Hardware and did this. They re-keyed it for us, and we brought it back and Frank put it on. So 100 new keys are not needed. Yay!


  1. All kinds of signs everywhere. I like that idea about a re-keyable lock. Good thinking--problem solved

  2. Hello, we are keeping our social distance and wearing a mask..Everyone should have a heart and be kind.. I am glad the key thing worked out. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. ...WOW Linda you hit the Mother-load here! The sign on the fence has become common here too. Let's hope that karma strikes the red SUV!!! Thanks for sharing these great signs.

  4. That was a clever way to solve the padlock and keys problem. The stickers on the back windshield of the one vehicle would bother me if I were driving it. I don't like having any of my view obstructed.

  5. Cool, I didn't know about re-keyable padlocks. You are such a great source of (trivia?) useful knowledge. Like your face shield. I imagine it can be disinfected too.

  6. An interesting collection of photos!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. I never heard of a re-keyable padlock. I love that karma bumper sticker. Have a great weekend.

  8. Several hundred families live inside our security gate. Each of us has a unique 4-letter code. It is like your 100 keys but more like a hotel with hundreds of doors and each guest's key has the door number but the keys are all the same. A number is even less secure than a physical key.

  9. You've shared a good mix of signs here …

    Stay safe and well.

    All the best Jan

  10. That's the first I've heard of a re-keyable lock.


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