May 25, 2020

A Flag Memorial and Park Random-osity

Monday Murals.
The Good: For Memorial Day, I located a picture I took last summer at the American Legion in Front Royal. This flag mural is made of painted rocks! It is surrounded by lawn statues of saluting servicemen.

The Random: Virginia has gone from the emergency lockdown to Stage One, which allows some nonessential businesses to open with restrictions. Campgrounds are now opening with safety measures in place. I took a picture of the campground host's setup at Shenandoah River State Park.

The Fun: Shenandoah National Park has reopened! This means that Skyline Drive is open to traffic again.  Some amenities are not yet available but at least tourists can view the wonderful sights and hikers can enjoy the trails.

I knew it would be crowded on the first day, Saturday, so we waited until Sunday and drove to Sperryville to enter at Thornton Gap after 5 PM.  It was obviously cloudy, and we found the Drive was shrouded in fog. 

For sixteen miles I drove slowly through fog so thick we couldn't anything but trees and the headlights of oncoming cars. Then we finally emerged from the clouds and pulled off at the Browntown Valley Overlook, elevation 2890 feet. 

It was good to be back on the Blue Ridge!
Mosaic Monday.


  1. How wonderful to read your area is starting to open again. We are in Phase 1.5 because my governor felt Phase 2 was too soon, since we'd had a few setbacks. I had no idea roads were closed in VA. Your photos are wonderful and that flag made of rocks is extremely unusual and clever.

  2. ...positive signs, let's hope that they aren't jumping the gun.

  3. The flag made of painted rocks is quite nice.
    Beautiful views from the Blue ridge. So nice to finally be able to go out and enjoy the outdoors. Thanks for participating Linda.

  4. Last summer when we were at Shenandoah we also drove through fog in the early morning. We didn't enjoy it -- we were afraid another vehicle would appear out of nowhere. Your day looks like fun.

    be well... mae at

    1. We've done it before. This time my husband wasn't nervous so I stayed calm. At his request, I put on the flashers and noticed other motorists had done the same.

  5. The crowds are to be expected, though there's plenty of beauty and space for safety. Love the tiny little soldiers...reminds me of how tin-soldiers (actually lead) were toys for boys for years. My sons had GI Joe plastic soldiers to play with.

  6. So wonderful to get out and safely. We need to do something. Other than going out for pickup groceries and the drug store twice we haven't been away from our immediate neighbourhood in over a month. - Margy

  7. That's great news that they reopened the national park. I love the flag mural, very nice. Enjoy your day!

  8. i am always amazed by folks and their creativity on how to make Old Glory... in rocks, boards, etc. i appreciate the unique-ness. very cool. ( ;

  9. Very nice memorial garden area.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  10. Pleased that the national park has reopened.

    All the best Jan

  11. Linda - glad you are able to get out and about again, but FOG! A scary drive, especially in the mountains! Love having these Blue Ridge pictures as part of Mosaic Monday this week!

  12. The flag made of colored rocks is clever and creative.


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