April 9, 2020

Skyline Drive is Closed

It's not too often that a road is closed for health reasons, but here's the main road through Shenandoah National Park closed "As a public health precaution." It had become crowded and the state health department felt it could become a seedbed of contagion. First they closed just the northern section but now the entire drive is closed. Part of the Blue Ridge Parkway is closed also.

I drove a section of Skyline Drive a month ago so here are some views and a couple of deer.

I'll miss visiting the park this month but I'm glad the staff is not being exposed to the virus.

The park is still open to foot traffic, although some popular trails are closed.

The final sign is not in the park, but it is not far away from the northern entrance. If you had binoculars you could probably see Skyline Drive high on the mountain.

It would benefit from punctuation: "Now that we're washing our hands... This week: Turn Signals." 


  1. ...so you mean that the economy won't be roaring back by Easter?

  2. Hello, I heard they closed the park. I love the deer photos. I miss going this spring, I hope things go back to normal soon. Take care, stay safe! Have a great day! Happy Easter weekend!

  3. I don't even get that sign, even with punctuation. We're further down on the Parkway. Still able to hike some.

  4. I didn't get the sign either. Washing turn signals? I haven't tried to go on the Blue Ridge Parkway here. Will check the park service to see if any is open. My favorite walk along a creek is blocked off.

  5. I don't understand what that sign means.

    There are many "Wow, just wow!" moments going on due to covid-19. It's good that they closed the roads leading to the park, and the park itself. But it is still surreal to see, as many things are right now.

  6. Love seeing the deer. I'm wondering what the last sign means. :)

  7. It's sad that it had to be closed, but I understand the necessity.

  8. Sad that you can't even take a good drive! Though, I do understand.


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