February 28, 2020

Update on Our New State Park.

Woodstock, Virginia.
Skywatch, Black and White Weekend.
Seven Bends State Park is scheduled to open in May! It is already open for hiking and fishing, but May is when the restrooms will be open and regular activities will begin. I've been following the development of the park for a couple of years, and participating in planning and educational meetings through the Friends of the North Fork.

The park has two entrances, one near Muse Vineyards and the other at the end of Lupton Road. I took these pictures near the Lupton entrance one afternoon.

Some of the trails have been marked with signs and blazes but work is ongoing with the help of volunteers.

I parked in a new parking lot and followed a trail for a short distance toward the river. I was surprised to find a swinging bridge! I already knew there was one near the vineyard but this one is not as tall and I had not noticed it before.

It leads to private land on the other side, but could be used in an emergency; that is, if someone was hiking in the park and came back to find the road was impassable at the low water bridge. It does flood sometimes!

On this afternoon, the river was still high and had just gone down that morning enough that the low water bridge was reopened to traffic. In the picture of the steps to a canoe access point, note that the water level is over the bottom step. 

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A "low water bridge" can only be crossed when the river is low enough. In the photo below, you can see that the water is still pretty close to covering the bridge. Access at both entrances to the park are currently limited to days when the river is not flooding, so in stormy weather, call ahead or check the VDOT reports for Shenandoah County.

When I crossed the bridge, I noticed there was still some debris on it that had washed up when it was under water.

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  1. ...a new park is a wonderful thing! When I lived in the Cleveland, Ohio area there were a number of fords that crossed a river, something that ia had never seen. Thanks Linda for stopping by, enjoy your weekend.

  2. The photos you took as you walked a trail in the park are interesting along with the information about the swing bridge. Well done to the volunteers who work there. They're doing a good job. It'll be great when the park is fully open later in the year. Have a good weekend!

  3. Wow...I did not know about that bridge. Will have to seek it out for my collection.

  4. Hello, it looks like a great new park. The bridge is cool. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Dangerous when the river is high but you came over, an interesting, beautiful place!
    have a good weekend, Elke

  6. What a lovely park, and two interesting bridges. Gone are the days when commerce used to travel down our rivers.

  7. What a great new park...how exciting! I would be afraid to drive over that little bridge!

  8. A low water bridge is a new one to me.

  9. Pretty exciting to get a new State Park. I am a state park fan.

  10. How great to have a new park. Those bridges would make me nervous to cross them, I think.


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