February 9, 2020

Conicville's Church of Christ

InSpired Sunday: Conicville UCC sits on a hill with a great view of the valley below and Great North Mountain in the distance.

An old sign over the door says Christ Reformed Church. The church dates to the late 1800s.

The town was once called Cabin Hill. It first appears in historic records in the 1850s. It was renamed Conicville when the post office opened there in 1892 because there was another town named Cabin Hill.

The church can be seen from Senedo Road, Route 42.

I took these photos in February a couple of years ago.

Let's look down the hill to the west. You pass this barn on Jerome Road.

Here's another farm, but it was in shadow.

I'm not too pleased with the dim light from that day, which may be why I did not post these after I took them.  It was brighter in the sky, so I'll close with a shot of the sky over the mountains.


  1. ...beautiful church, but what about that barn, I love the roof. Such a neat find. Thanks for sharing Linda.

  2. Splendid little church and cemetery

  3. Great shots Linda! Lovely old cemetery, in beautiful surroundings.
    (By the way, I love the gentle colours in your last shot!)

  4. Yes, very February-ish. Our foggy day today is like that also, so far.

  5. I like the bw shot. Nice use of monochrome there.

  6. I like the church and the barn!

  7. Pretty church, and I like that sky/mountain shot too.

  8. Nice photos of the church. I like the barn snap too.


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