December 5, 2019

More Signs Around Strasburg

1. I've been a Mom 24:7, so yeah!

2. This drinking fountain is not drinkable so bottled water was offered. Tap water is not always safe!

(This is not in the town of Strasburg, but is not far away.)

(See also 25 US Cities with Worst Drinking Water.)

3. If you drive out VA 55 toward Front Royal, you'll pass this sign near the Warren County Line. Please don't litter!

4. This beauty salon in Strasburg has signs that cast interesting shadows.

See the Signs linkup.


  1. Thanks for this neighborly ramble!

  2. In Europe, Strasburg is in France. I was there years ago. Now I can watch your Strasbourg. :-)

  3. I like the first sign. I think more cities will end up with bad drinking water, the EPA is now saying clean water/air is not necessary. They have gotten loosy-goosy with the regulations. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend!

  4.'s always a shame that 'do not litter signs' need to erected. There are a lot of 'Moms 24:7' out there and a bunch of Flint, Michigan's too! Thank Linda for stopping by.

  5. Great post...environmental consciousness is needed more than ever! And being kind to Mom's.

  6. I like the first sign, made me chuckle. :)

  7. Nice to see this selection of signs.

    All the best Jan


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