December 1, 2019

A View from White Chapel UMC.

This Methodist church is along Woodstock Tower Road in Fort Valley. I stopped by there to take a picture of the Blessing Box. I've been recording these so that someone in the area who needs food can find it by searching online. This box appears to be well stocked compared to some that I've seen in Strasburg and Front Royal.

Behind the church is a picnic pavilion and some play equipment. I'm including a few images that show the mountain setting.

The church is on a hill overlooking Fort Valley, which lies between two ridges in the Massanutten Range. In turn, the Massanutten mountains are inside the Shenandoah Valley, which is bounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Allegheny Mountains.

You probably don't remember this, but I shared a picture of White Chapel Church three years ago.  This time I'm adding a nearby cemetery, which is down the hill and across Fort Valley Road on Seven Fountains Road. This is the Detrick Cemetery. It appears that the graves here are mostly 20th century, with a few dating back to the 1870's. 


  1. Dziękuję za kolejną podróż.
    Kościoły zazwyczaj są na wzgórzach, może dlatego, żeby dobrze było je widać, i żeby było słychać dzwony.

  2. ...I've seen several 'blessing boxes.' We will see more when Donny eliminates food stamps.


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