December 20, 2019

A Shadow, A Winter View, and Group Photos.

1. Black and White: The final photo explains what we're looking at here. 

2. Skywatch: When Deborah was here, we made a brief trip up to Skyline Drive. It was late on a rainy day and the temperature was dropping back down to freezing, so I decided to head back down to the valley before ice started coating the road. The mountains are noticeably colder than lower elevations, and navigating a windy, icy road in the dark did not not seem advisable.

3.  This image is from two years ago. I used it to experiment with a Photoshop Action that adds a vintage look. 

4. Since gatherings are likely this time of year, I want to remind you to take group photos, even if you feel a little awkward asking folks to pose. They'll appreciate it later!

5. Friday Bliss: This gazebo in Woodstock is the location of the first image.


  1. this is a nice shadow photo and posting!

  2. ...Linda, thanks for joining in Willy-Nilly, I send warmest Christmas greeting to you.

  3. Great recommendation to take group photos. We've got similar gazebos by our lake, and in our church's memorial garden. The shadows are lovely on textured wood.

  4. I love that shadow shot with the shadow patterns and the wood patterns together.
    Any yep, I regret photos I didn't take at gatherings more than the photos I did take.

  5. Nice photos. I really like the gazebo and Skyline Drive shots. Have an enjoyable weekend.

  6. I like these a lot Linda, and the wise advice about group photos.

  7. I really assumed photo #3 was vintage. That's a great edit.

  8. Group photos make lovely memories, shopuld take them mor often. Merry Christmas Linda.

  9. Hahahahaha ..... really nice done with that first photo.
    I was also very anxious about what I was looking at and it turned out to be a nice gazebo. Really fun.

  10. I love your black and white photo! Beautiful patterns of shadows and light on wood.


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