November 26, 2019

Fixer-Upper with a Great View

Harpers Ferry, WV.  The old Hilltop House Hotel is literally falling down. A developer is interested in rebuilding it because it has a wonderful view, but there has been some opposition. I think some people are concerned about traffic and noise in the now quiet neighborhood.

The view is as fine as any hotel has. You can see the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, which long ago carved a valley in the mountains.

The overlook is still open to visitors. It may become inaccessible while hotel construction takes place, so this is a good time to see the view. The street address is 400 E. Ridge Street.

The first time I saw Hilltop House, it was still open. I was on a Civil War tour with Dr. Poland's class and we toured the John Brown sites and had lunch at the Hilltop House Restaurant. That was probably 27 years ago.

The hotel closed in 2007.


  1. Beautiful place. Would be a great place to stay when on vacation.

  2. ...nature sure is reclaiming this place. I always wonder why things go into decline. Thanks Linda for your visit, enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow.

  3. Wow, the view is fabulous! Enjoy your day!

  4. So sad to see that old hotel in that shape. I have been to harpers ferry several times and I felt at the time I was in a village in Germany. Beautiful architecture and homes. Happy Thanksgiving to you Linda

  5. I love HP. One of my favorite places.

  6. From the looks of it, it can't be saved.

    1. True. I think they will tear down most of it.

  7. Oh if it's possible it should be saved I think, what a lovely spot.. lots of work there though, something will have to be done 😱

  8. I haven't been to Harper's Ferry in a few years now. I hope if they build a new hotel they will keep its architecture that will fit in with the neighborhood.

  9. Podoba mi się widok doliny z tunelem. To niespotykany u nas widok.
    Szkoda, że hotel nie funkcjonuje. Ruiny fajnie wyglądają, pod warunkiem, że są bardzo stare!

  10. It is more cost effective to do a new build I think


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