October 9, 2019

Ghostly White Birds and Some Escapees.

1. A Bright White Pair.

A pair of white birds visited our neighborhood lake (in Virginia) yesterday but I was not able to identify them. They flew quickly, swooping down now and then to catch fish. I took photos but they were far away and moving constantly.

They stayed together. They had long orange beaks, and I see in the photo that the wings are dark-tipped underneath.

Sometimes we see an egret at the lake but aren't they solitary birds? What do you think these are? We're a long way from the ocean but it is migration season.

2. A Wandering Trio.

I spotted these at the entrance to a park but I think they are guinea fowl from a nearby farm.

They have a red "beard" that makes them look like their mouths are wide open. I read that they eat ticks.


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